9 top Reasons to Use an Independent Mortgage Broker

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If you’re looking to purchase a new home, then you have the choice of whether or not you wish to work with a mortgage broker. If you have years of experience spent buying and selling properties and have strong relationships with lenders, then you may not think you need one. However, if you’re just starting out, then brokers could offer you a number of significant benefits. So, to help you decide, here’s a look at the top 9 reasons to work with an independent mortgage broker.

1. They save you time

By helping to guide you through the entire process of getting the best mortgage, independent brokers can save you an incredible amount of time. They help you to avoid timely meetings with lenders and usually come to you at times and locations best suited to your schedule.

2. They are a wealth of information

If you’re just starting out, then an independent mortgage broker can answer any questions you have about mortgages. They will have years of experience and training in the field and hold an incredible amount of knowledge. This helps you to secure the best deal and put any of your worries to rest.

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3. Can offer additional package insurance deals

Oftentimes, you can reduce your monthly expenses by combining your mortgage and other insurance policies you hold. Brokers can advise you on any package insurance deals that allow you to access these savings and simplify your expenses.

4. They understand the fine print

Just because a mortgage deal looks good at a glance, it doesn’t mean it actually is. Instead, a mortgage broker can delve into the fine print and point out any terms that could end up costing you far more in the long run.

5. They’re independent

What really makes independent mortgage brokers so great? It’s that they’re independent! What this means is they’re not tied to any certain lender. As such, they can offer you completely impartial advice and are in your corner at all times, not the lender’s.

6. Can offer ongoing support

An independent mortgage lender will be there to offer you advice right through from your initial enquiry until everything is signed and the home is yours. A great broker can also support you afterwards, in case you have any questions or worries about your policy.

7. It relieves a lot of stress and anxiety

Taking time to research mortgages and speak to lenders is incredibly stressful. Especially if you’ve never done it before and are starting with no prior knowledge of how mortgages work. A broker can remove 95% of this stress and worry from the get-go.

8. Can help to protect your credit rating

It is possible to damage your credit score when looking for mortgages if you are unaware of how different credit checks work. An independent mortgage broker can assess your financial situation and only carry out soft checks that won’t harm your rating.

9. They save you money

Based on everything discussed above, what is the number one reason to work with an independent mortgage broker? Well, it’s because they save you money! Depending on the size of your mortgage and what deals you would otherwise agree to without their help, this can be anywhere from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

Why choose Clear Mortgage Solutions?

Here at Clear Mortgage Solutions, we offer a 100% independent mortgage brokering service. What this means is that we are not tied to working with any certain mortgage providers. We have the full flexibility to shop around and find the best deal for all of our clients. To reinforce this policy of finding you the best deal, we do not work on a commision-based basis like some other advisors.

Instead, we charge a fixed fee and then do whatever it takes to get you the best deal, not the banks. So, if you’re looking for mortgage advice in the UK, get in contact today. We offer a 100% free, no obligation consultation and are always happy to hear from new homebuyers or simply switching your mortgage to a better deal.

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