Our Top Reasons to Love the North East

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The North East of England is a place stacked full of gorgeous landscapes, vibrant cities, culture, friendly people and even award winning beaches. It is often voted as one of the top places in the UK to raise a family and has recently been voted the best place to visit in 2018 by Rough Guides! It is often underestimated by people in other areas of the UK, but the North East of England is a fantastic and diverse place to live. We often don’t shout about our glorious region of the country and are just too modest for our own good but this article is all about how fabulous it is to live in the North East and how proud we are!

Our Delicious Food

Not only do we have some incredible gourmet restaurants in our towns and cities we also have many loved dishes that are synonymous with the North East. There are so many to mention but a few that spring to mind are Pan Haggerty, the cheese, onion and thinly sliced potato dream dish, Stotties, Pease Pudding, Singin Hinnys and the famous Craster Kippers which hail from the Northumberland fishing village of Craster and exported far and wide across the globe.

Our Amazing Historic Attractions

We have a plethora of amazing historic places to visit, the first to mention is Hadrian’s wall, to stand in front of it always makes you think of the 15,000 men who built it in under 6 years, it is truly incredible. Another, especially for any Harry Potter fans is Alnwick castle. It is home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and is one the largest inhabited castles in England. It is famous for the being the setting of many Harry Potter scenes and you can really tell why they chose it as a location as it is simply stunning. If you visit you can get your very own broomstick flying training or can dress up in medieval clothing amongst many other fun activities for young and old alike.

North East Interesting History

The Beamish museum is one of the North Easts beloved attractions, people from all over the world travel to visit here. Dedicated to the North East’s rich coal mining heritage, you can travel back in time and experience the North Easts interesting industrial past.

Our Friendly People

You will always find a warm friendly smile from the people in the North East, we are well known for being able to strike up conversations with strangers anywhere. The North East has often been voted the UK’s most friendly region and if you visit here you will know this is true!

Our Lovely Countryside

We have such beautiful landscapes and areas of natural beauty you would be crazy to not visit some of these places, we have the wild North York Moors and the Wilds of Northumberland to explore at your leisure. Another must see is the Kielder Sculpture Walk in the Kielder forest!

Our Cheap House Prices

Everything is much cheaper in the North East compared to our more southernly neighbours but the top one has to be our housing, it can be a struggle for many young people to get on the property ladder. In certain areas in the North East we have the lowest house prices in the country so if you can’t buy where you are maybe this article has persuaded you a move up to the North East is for you!

There are so many more reasons to love the North East, it would be impossible to list them all, but we would love for you to comment on this post and add to the reasons why the North East is the best place to live in the UK!

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